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Stevns Klint and the end of the dinosaurs

For a tiny country, Denmark has had surprisingly many new sites added to the World Heritage list in later years. Some of them are a bit uninspiring, but here is one that IS interesting. https://www.instagram.com/p/tNk7LmvSKp/?taken-by=sophieofnorway As is the case for many UNESCO sites, this one [...]

2019-05-19T17:39:00+01:0019 May 2019|Daytrip, Denmark, UNESCO World Heritage|

Canterbury Cathedral and the badass bishop

Saint Thomas of Canterbury Today, we’re going to talk about Thomas Becket. And I don't mean that dude on Sniper, but the original one, Saint Thomas of Canterbury. Our Thomas Becket came long before the US Marines – and was, frankly, more of a badass. [...]

World at a Glance: The beautiful library at Pannonhalma Abbey

Few things enchant me more than libraries. I've often thought I'd like to sleep over in one, especially in a delightfully dusty, old library. Sneak in around closing time, say, then hide until everyone is gone and stay overnight. Sleeping bag, head lamp and a [...]

2019-05-18T15:53:11+01:0011 March 2019|Hungary, UNESCO World Heritage|

Naval Port of Karlskrona

Present-day Sweden has about 10 mill inhabitants, just over 1% of Europe's population. But back in the 17th and 18th centuries, this little country was an empire, ruling a rather large part of Europe. Around the Baltic, you can still see markers of the Swedish [...]

2019-03-14T08:57:18+01:008 March 2019|Art and architecture, Sweden, UNESCO World Heritage|