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Through years, decades, of travel, we’ve gathered a few experiences that might help you. This is where you’ll find reviews of airlines, offbeat sleeps, cookery classes, gear, tips on travelling with kids, a bit on volunteering, etc. This page is a work in progress; more to follow. Much more.

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Light houses, luxurious hotels, airport pods, shipping containers, sheep sheds… click here for weird or wonderful – or weirdly wonderful – sleeps.

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Field work in Krakow, part 2

My latest round of humanitarian field work with A Drop in the Ocean* here in Krakow is coming to an end. Some reflections: Field work at the free shop Sfaza Dobra = 'the good cupboard' Back in spring, when the Russian war on Ukraine first began, the free shop was in [...]

Field work: Camp Sounio, Greece

Notes from Camp Sounio, Greece - September 2016 A few weeks ago, while visiting the concentration camps in Poland and Germany with Cat and 80 of her school mates, we were introduced to Trude Jacobsen, passionate founder of A Drop in the Ocean, a non-profit humanitarian organisation, working with displaced [...]

By |22 April 2022|Charities and volunteering, Greece, How to help|

Field work 2022: Krakow, Poland

When the Russian war on Ukraine began in earnest this round, I got in touch with A Drop in the Ocean*, to let them know I could help out for a week or so, with refugees arriving in neighbouring Poland if they needed an extra pair of hands. Turns out [...]

Bringing the world home: Food, the Lebanese edition

So, what's your favourite cuisine again? We've covered Italian food. What else do you like? Mexican? I do. It's not love, but a pretty decent like. I had super fresh guacamole every day when I was in Mexico last. Yum! What about Eastern European? I like to make cold Lithuanian [...]

By |24 May 2020|Food and drink, Lebanon, Middle East, Show me how|

Bringing the world home: Food, the Italian edition

  It's fair to say this is not a food blog. Furthermore, my kids will tell you I'm not in the kitchen all that frequently. As my oldest likes to remind me, many were the times she had to go to grandma’s house if she wanted a proper dinner. My [...]

Cooking with chefs in Riga

On a cold February afternoon, we meet him at the old Zeppelin hangar. We – are Lola, Janicke, and myself, three Scandinavian travel bloggers. He - is Mārtiņš Sirmais, Latvia’s super-chef. We're about to learn Latvian cooking. Innovative Latvian cooking, it turns out. The old hangar is where Riga’s huge central [...]

By |23 February 2018|Food and drink, Latvia, Show me how|
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