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Lighthouse living

Tree houses, ice hotels, 747s, caves and grottos, houses made of cow dung, caravans, sheep sheds, the beach,… I do like quirky sleeps, though it has been a while, meaning I’ve shoddy or no photos, so I haven’t covered many here on Sophie’s World. That’s about to change. If you’ve poked around on this blog […]

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St Moritz in September

Ah, St Moritz. The name brings to mind a gorgeous summer holiday in Torquay. I was 16 and he was tall, blond, a little shy and had the most beautiful smile. I’ll call him Hanspeter, because that was his name. When business took me to St Moritz one September day a few years ago, well, […]

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UN Geneva

The UN building is imposing (just a tiny bit of it is seen here), the hallways long and humming with activity. More often than not, the hallways and the delegates salons are where important discussions take place, disagreements sorted out, compromises made.

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Like to stay in a luxury hotel at hostel prices?

Leading Hotels of the World is celebrating its 80th birthday this year, offering luxury rooms for USD 19.28. A luxury hotel at hostel prices?

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Valdres and the airport of heavenly peace

The little airport in Valdres is known as The place of heavenly peace. It’s beautifully located near heaven. And there’s little traffic.

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Bicycles in Copenhagen

What never ceases to amaze me is the sheer number of bicycles in Copenhagen. This is how you go to school, to work, to the shops…

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Zurich – a night on the town

I quite like Zurich. It’s a good city to visit – just the right size. Never mind the smell of money.

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