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You may notice a few countries that may not traditionally be considered European. Europe’s borders are never easy to define. So I’ve decided to go by the old definition I learned in school: In the east, Europe ends at the Ural Mountains. That means the Caucasian countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – are part of Europe, according to Sophie’s World. This is probably also according to the countries themselves: all three are members of the Council of Europe and cooperate with the European Union with a view to future membership. Also, all three countries participate in the Eurovision Song Contest; can’t argue with that.

Latest Europe travel stories

Snowmobiling in the Arctic

After a night in an ice hotel, what could be more logical than spending a day on a snowmobile? Let's dig right in. We're going with the good folks at Gargia Lodge, just outside of Alta up in the northernmost part of Norway, well above the Arctic circle. Beginning down in the valley, we'll head past the tree line up [...]

By |25 February 2020|Adventure and sports, Norway, Norway|

Sorrisniva igloo hotel: transient icy charm

We haven't talked about quirky sleeps for a while here. Time to remedy that. And what's quirkier than a hotel that exists only temporarily? Built when winter arrives and slowly melts away into nonexistence when spring makes its presence felt. Then the process is repeated next winter. My immediate thought is of Sisyphus. Pushing that boulder up the hill, only [...]

By |19 February 2020|hotels & lodgings, Norway, Norway|

Langhoff & Juul: a boutique hotel on the sea shore

The old port town of Ebeltoft is a summer favourite. But is it great only in summer? Our little blogger collective travelled to Denmark to find out. Turns out the little town with the cobbled streets and medieval houses is sweet also in December. During Advent, Ebeltoft changes into a Christmas town, all decked out in festive finery, and with [...]

By |19 December 2019|Denmark, hotels & lodgings|

Exploring Christmas markets in Denmark’s Aarhus Region

The sparkling team has just returned from a weekend in Denmark, exploring Christmas markets. And Denmark has Christmas markets galore, on every island and peninsula, all around the country. Only so much you can do in a few days, however, so we settled on Jutland. Specifically, the Aarhus region, an area we're all familiar with. We have been curious to see [...]

By |14 December 2019|Denmark|

Vatnajökull: waterfalls, glaciers, fire and ice. (Day out Reykjavik)

I seem to be having a thing for glaciers lately and can't help but sharing it with you good folks. Luckily, I live in a part of the world where they abound; not only in Norway but in some of our neighbour countries as well. In this post about walking inside Langjökull glacier, I briefly refer to Vatnajökull, Iceland's largest, [...]

By |16 October 2019|Daytrip, Iceland, UNESCO World Heritage|

Augsburg: water, water everywhere

Whatever this potentially ominous sign means, water is everywhere in Augsburg and it has been systematically managed since the 14th century. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to go anywhere in Augsburg and not encounter the city's ingenious water operating system. There are medieval water towers, fountains, millwheels, hydroelectric power stations...

By |8 September 2019|Germany, Travel photos, UNESCO World Heritage|

Fresh in Oslo

G'day folks! It's 1 September, first Sunday of autumn. Time for a local focus, I thought. If Oslo is on your radar this colourful season, here's a piece I wrote for Thai Airways' inflight magazine a while ago, updated today, just for you. Enjoy!   Fresh in Oslo It’s Sunday morning and I’m at Frognerseteren, a cherished Oslo landmark. The [...]

By |1 September 2019|Norway, Published Work|

11 things you’ll love about Brighton

Ah Brighton: the awesome activities, the off-the-wall oddities, the flamboyant flair, the unique boutiques, the eclectic entertainment, the creative cuisine, the superlative sound, in short, the first-class fun. Curious about this city with the vivacious vibes? (Stop with the alliterations already, you say? OK, OK.) Less than an hour by train from London, or a mere half-hour from Gatwick Airport, [...]

By |21 June 2019|11 things, England, Magic of Cities|

Where to eat in Brighton

Wondering where to eat in hip, cool Brighton? Of course you do. Let's get right on it. (Click the name in the headings for a link to the properties). Murmur: healthy, locally sourced delicacies On Brighton’s lively city beach, just metres away from the British Airways i360 experience, and the fab sculpture Phi, is this little casual, contemporary spot with [...]

By |12 June 2019|England, Food and drink|

Prince George’s Party Palace by the Sea

Why is it however many millions of pairs of socks I buy I never seem to have any? They just disappear. For me, socks are like sex. Tons of it about, but I never seem to get any. When you hear the words Prince Regent, does your mind, like mine, immediately jump to this quote? No? What, you haven't seen [...]

Stevns Klint and the end of the dinosaurs

For a tiny country, Denmark has had surprisingly many new sites added to the World Heritage list in later years. Some of them are a bit uninspiring, but here is one that IS interesting. As is the case for many UNESCO sites, this one requires knowing the backstory. Although a lovely landscape to stroll on a lazy Sunday, Stevns [...]

By |19 May 2019|Daytrip, Denmark, UNESCO World Heritage|