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In transit, the Lebanese edition: Not exactly my commute

Rafiq Hariri airport, Beirut 18 May 2018 Folks, today I’ve been so far out of my comfort zone, I might never find my way back in. ‘My Commute’, episode 2: ‘Not Exactly My Commute’. Now, the greatest danger in Lebanon is not armed lunatics (that’s a whole other place). Here, it’s… traffic!! There appears to […]

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In transit: The timer

3 May 2018 I’m thinking of starting a series, peeps: Let’s call it “My commute”. Here’s the latest episode: After a looong day, I’m waiting for the train home. Loads of time, so I sit down with a coffee at a plug-point, setting the countdown on my phone for 15 minutes, so I won’t miss […]

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In transit, the Swiss edition: Be quiet!

Herzogenbuchsee 21 April 2018 After a day in Lucerne, I’m on the train back to Geneva, sitting across from a group of Americans. The loud sort; physically unable to speak softly, I think. In the niiiicest possible way (in accordance with my newly adopted ‘kill’em with kindness’ experimental philosophy), I point out that they’re in […]

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In transit, the Belgian edition: Not in the whole Kingdom

Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve 11 December 2017 On the train from Luxembourg to Brussels, there is no plug points, extremely scanty mobile reception, and you cannot buy so much as a cup of tea. In fact, according to the conductor: ‘You can buy nothing on this train. No food, no drink. There is nothing on this train. Not […]

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In transit: Lawbreaker in Germany

In transit: Lawbreaker in Germany

22 nov 2017 It appears I might be able add lawbreaker in Germany to my CV. I have just received a letter informing me of just such an exciting prospect. Something to do with a hire car – in Heidelberg on 22.09.2017 09:49:00. And as I was indeed in Heidelberg on 22.09.2017 09:49:00 with a […]

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In transit: Let’s dance

10 Nov 2017 Best train ride ever!! And it all began with me being one of those irritating people with too loud headphones. Guy comes over (Spanish I think; he spoke in English, with a slight lisp) and asks if I would mind turning the volume down! I do, of course, all apologetic. But then […]

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In transit, the German edition: GPS-girl

Augsburg, Germany 24 September 2017 The GPS-girl and I are developing something of a habit; crucial in every relationship. Here’s how it goes when we get off the Autobahn and onto local roads: 1. She leads me astray 2. I grumble and snarl 3. She calmly (maybe even icily) tells me to make a u-turn […]

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