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World at a Glance: The Great Pyramids at Giza

So we're in Memphis. Well, not now. But in this photo here. It's the original Memphis. Not the one Cher is walking in. Or actually Mark Cohn; he sung it first - and wrote it. Cred where cred is due. But I digress. Memphis was the capital of ancient Egypt, and is located on the west bank of the River [...]

By |8 December 2021|Egypt, Middle East with kids, UNESCO World Heritage|

World at a Glance: Medina of Tunis

The Medina of Tunis on a brilliant April day in 1992. Practically vintage, isn't it? Tunis is a fascinating city with an equally fascinating past which is attested by the hundreds of palaces, residences, mosques, madrasas and mausolea you'll find in the medina, the original Arab town inside the Tunisian capital. Back in the day, between the 12th and the [...]

By |1 December 2021|Tunisia, UNESCO World Heritage|

World at a Glance: Mauritius beyond the beaches

If you're in Mauritius (and why wouldn't you be), you'll no doubt be lounging about on one of the island's many beautiful beaches sipping a rum punch, which I'm sure you will find quite satisfactory. Life's a beach, for sure - but perhaps you want a change of scenery for a day or two. (Say you do, say you do!) [...]

By |26 November 2021|Hikes and walks, Islands, Mauritius|

Bringing the world home: Books, the Algerian edition

Spring of 2020: days, weeks, months (we'll stop there) dominated by a vicious virus. The spring of corona. 'If the mountaine will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will goe to the mountaine', said Francis Bacon nearly 400 years ago. 'We can't travel the world. But we can bring the world to us,' say I. Reading is one avenue. What are [...]

World at a Glance: Lake Malawi (Day out Lilongwe)

Reminiscing a bit today, as I've dug out yet another batch of old photos from the pre-digital age. Lake Malawi today, folks - where I had ended up on a whim, really. Whims are how my travels roll. I was at the tail end of several weeks of rather aimless traipsing around southern Africa. The cheapest flights from Europe at [...]

By |17 February 2016|Daytrip, Malawi, UNESCO World Heritage|

Street scene: Manzini, Eswatini

The quality and style of this photo might indicate it's ancient. But no, it's merely old(ish) - and simply a scanned version of a slide (remember those?) from the very last bits of the 20th century. I've been playing with a new pocket-sized scanner that promises to transform old slides into hyper-modern jpgs. Hm... maybe not so hyper-modern. Anyway, I've [...]

By |9 August 2015|Eswatini, Silent Sunday, Travel photos|

Zanzibar and the senses

Wandering around Zanzibar as I arrived, fresh from the Dar ferry on a tropical March afternoon, my first thought - and my last when I left a week later, as it turned out - was that this enchanted African island speaks to all our five senses. Here's what I mean: sight : the sun setting over the cerulean Indian Ocean, [...]

By |12 March 2015|Idle musings, Islands, Zanzibar|

Help protect #JustOneRhino – and win fab prizes

Here at Sophie's World we're passionate about animal welfare. It's perhaps genetic: apart from the family and very close friends, our mum/grandmum generally preferred animals to people. The rest of us aren't quite that extreme, at least not yet. Alexandra is a vegetarian solely for animal welfare reasons, none of us use cosmetics from companies that still insist on animal [...]

By |7 January 2015|Animals, How to help, Seasonal, current, South Africa|

The magic of Zanzibar’s Stone Town

Zanzibar is one of those really wonderful names, isn't it? Like Samarkand. Or Esfahan. Or Babylon. Every syllable promises adventure. Earlier this year, I took the ferry from Dar es Salaam across to Zanzibar, meaning to a have look around and perhaps stay the night. One week later, I found myself still on the island. I stayed in Stone Town [...]

By |11 December 2014|Travel photos, UNESCO World Heritage, Zanzibar|

World at a Glance: Great Zimbabwe (Day out Harare)

I had 4-5 hours to kill in Masvingo once, waiting for the last bus to Harare. Must have been 16 years ago. So I did what I often do when I'm short on time: I asked a taxi driver if there was anything interesting to see. A slightly dubious practice, I know, and certainly one that can end up costing [...]

World at a Glance: While we’re waiting for Nobel…

Four Nobel Peace Prize recipients hail from South Africa. That's quite an impressive number; only six countries have more. At Nobel Square on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, you'll find Nelson Mandela along with South Africa's three other laureates.

By |8 October 2014|Seasonal, current, South Africa|

Counting cats in Zanzibar

You'll see many cats in Zanzibar; cats are everywhere. They won't bother you, they won't beg for scraps of food, they are not importunate. But then cats rarely are, are they... Instead, Zanzibari cats proved to be excellent motifs for the camera and very worthy subjects for our little Cats of the World series here at Sophie's World. It is [...]

By |19 June 2014|Cats of the world, Zanzibar|
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