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Route 66: Western Oklahoma

  If you ever plan to motor west, Travel my way, take the highway that is best. Get your kicks on route sixty-six. Alrighty then, let's go get our kicks. But since we've only got a few days, it will have to be just a short stretch, within the Land of the Red Man. That's what Oklahoma means, in the [...]

By |15 October 2021|Oklahoma, Road trips|

Postcard from Belize City: 5 things to see and do

Belize City, ca 2pm. Well, not 2pm today. But pre-corona and then some. Isn't just about everything fun pre-corona these days? BUT - post-corona is just around the corner. Smiiile! I'm in Belize to see Mayan pyramids. We're just down from Mexico, and the kids are pyramided out, so they're zip-lining instead - from treetop to treetop somewhere out in [...]

By |7 October 2021|Belize|

Ottawa’s picturesque Rideau Canal

Here I go again, starting one thing and ending up with quite another. Working on a blog post about China’s Grand Canal, I begin thinking about other canals I’ve been on. Or along. Or above, or beside. There are quite a few. At the same time, I’m noticing that my coverage of these cool man-made structures has been so-so. In [...]

Iguazu Falls: Simply mind-blowing

I love waterfalls; it's my favourite feature of nature. I also love rainbows. We all do, don't we? However, I feel I can make it a special claim, since my youngest daughter’s middle name is Hóng, meaning rainbow in the Hakka language. Rainbow over Iguazu Waterfalls crossing borders Just like Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya marks the international border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, [...]

By |25 July 2020|Argentina, Brazil, UNESCO World Heritage|

Philadelphia: The crack’d bell and the newborn country (Day out New York)

See this bell? We'll come back to it soon. But first, the building in the background. Independence Hall: where the US Declaration of Independence was signed, and later, the US Constitution. This building then, is where the first steps towards democracy in the USA were taken. (Of course, a country isn't democratic when more than half the population is excluded from [...]

By |21 July 2020|Daytrip, Pennsylvania, UNESCO World Heritage|

World at a Glance: El Morro, overlooking the Caribbean Sea

When you enter Santiago de Cuba, the first thing you'll see may very well be San Pedro de la Roca, or El Morro, as the locals call it. On a morro, a promontory, above Santiago, it was constructed to protect the harbour of Cuba's second city. By chance, I've visited many military forts the last few years, and have found [...]

By |19 May 2020|Cuba, UNESCO World Heritage|

Cenotes: the bewitching underground world of the Mayas

We're not quite ready to leave Mexico yet here on Sophie's World. Today, we'll go for a swim, in a spring deep below ground, sunlight shining from high above. And we'll dive through enchanted caves in the jungle. (Well, you are. I'll stay in the shallows, because water and I, we have somewhat of a tense relationship.) And where will [...]

In transit: At least I didn’t lose Kevin

O'Hare, 28 October 2019 Not exactly my commute: Dashing through the... airport Sprinting through O’Hare like Kevin’s mom, all offspring accounted for (not here), only to discover I’ve lost the ability to read printed boarding cards - and have an entire hour to kill. So here are a few facts for you, folks, for which I’m sure you will be [...]

By |28 October 2019|Illinois, Real-time|

Chichen Itza: the mouth of the water sorcerer’s well

Last week, I wrote about the 7 wonders of the world – ancient and new. The good people in the Yucatan have Chichen Itza, one of the seven new ones, so naturally I've heard lots about it lately. As I've listened to locals going on about the new 7 wonders, and particularly their local pride and joy, I've considered whether [...]

By |27 October 2019|Mexico, UNESCO World Heritage|

In transit: Americana

Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees, 26 October 2019 Not exactly my commute - Guthrie, OK edition Working in a chocolaterie in small town America today. Strangely mindboggling. More so than it would be on a Thai beach. Or a sidewalk cafe in Almaty. This isn’t any small town, you see. Exotic, yet home. Different, yet familiar. Venue of many of [...]

By |26 October 2019|Oklahoma, Real-time|

In transit: All in the name of efficiency

JFK 18 Oct 2019 All in the name of efficiency: Friday tip on how to unintentionally make friends at airports. Picture the scene: Airport security, pretty busy, couple hundred people in line. Finally my turn. I go through that machine where you raise your arms above your head – and come out with a yellow warning dot on the screen, [...]

By |18 October 2019|New York, Real-time|

Oak Alley, a classic Southern Antebellum Plantation (Day out New Orleans)

By Alexandra Redisch in Vacherie, Louisiana Have you ever wanted to visit a southern plantation? In New Orleans, I visited two. The first was the unusual Creole plantation Laura - very different from what we think of as a typical southern plantation. Now it's time to have a look at the classic Antebellum mansion - with the white Greek Revival [...]

By |27 May 2016|Daytrip, Louisiana|
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