Help protect #JustOneRhino – and win fab prizes

Here at Sophie's World we're passionate about animal welfare. It's perhaps genetic: apart from the family and very close friends, our mum/grandmum generally preferred animals to people. The rest of us aren't quite that extreme, at least not yet. Alexandra is a vegetarian solely for [...]

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The Bedoun – Kuwait’s stateless people

On my old blog, I touch upon the issue of the Bedoun (although mostly my ignorance of the matter). This is what I wrote then - from the observation deck of Kuwait Towers: I'm soon joined by the only other westerner here. A journo from [...]

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Passports with purpose

Heard of Passports with purpose? No? Well, here's the skinny: "Passports with Purpose is an annual travel bloggers’ fundraiser. In 2009, 90 bloggers participated and raised almost USD 30 000 to build a school in Cambodia. This year, USD 50 000 will be raised - [...]

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Passports with purpose fund raiser

Passports with Purpose is an annual travel blogger get-together for charity. This year they are teaming up with the non-profit organizations American Assistance for Cambodia and Japan Relief for Cambodia to build a school in rural Cambodia. The bloggers have procured prizes and every donation [...]

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