By Catarina Redisch in Port d’Alcúdia

I’ll admit it right away: whenever we’re travelling (and we travel lots), I’m not entirely happy unless I can ride, at least once. You see, riding is my life. I love horses more than anything in the world.

So when mum said we were going on a blog trip to Majorca, I of course immediately asked if we could ride. “We’ll see,” mum said. Hm…

As it turned out, Michael from No Frills met us at the airport in Palma. And Henry was waiting in the car. Henry is a soft, fluffy elephant, and very nice, but I’ve mostly outgrown soft animals. I’m 11, after all. I’m sure if I had been younger, I would have dragged Henry along with me into Palma Aquarium and everywhere else, so it’s a very nice idea. Henry even has his own Facebook page!

But I liked Michael even more. Because, you see, he said riding wouldn’t be a problem at all – in fact, when we next saw him, he had organised it already. I was to ride at Ranxo ses Roques, a stable in Port d’Alcúdia, not far from our hotel.

I enjoyed just about everything about our short trip (too short) in Majorca, the adorable kid goats at our hotel, eating bunyols in the market in Inca, cooking in the countryside,… but riding was of course best of all.

The lady from Ranxo ses Roques picked us up from our hotel and took mum and me to the stables. She is English and has lived in Majorca for years. She asked if I had ridden before. I said yes, of course. So she gave me a horse named Kansas – a lovely white and brown mare with blue eyes! That’s quite unusual for a horse.

Most of the saddles here are Western. I have never ridden with a Western saddle before, so I asked if I could have an ordinary saddle instead, since it was my first time here and all. That was fine. Next time, I think I might try a Western saddle…, well, maybe. Mum says it’s like sitting in a sofa.

I was to ride around a mountain with five other people, plus a guide in front of the group and one behind. After a few minutes, David, the guide at the back, rode up alongside me and asked if I had ever galloped. I had, of course! So had a lady behind me. David led the two of us out of the group and along a narrow path that took us to a wide gravel road.

Then he suddenly said “OK, gallop!” I kicked on carefully and expected a canter like the ones we do at riding lessons. But no! Kansas raced forward at full speed. I nearly slid off, but I managed to straighten up in time. It’s the fastest I’ve ever ridden and I loved it! I loved feeling the wind on my face.

After a while we slowed down to a trot and kept at that for a while, until David once again said “gallop!” Isn’t that just the best word ever? GALLOP! This time I felt Kansas get ready with every muscle in her body, and I was prepared.

Kansas runs incredibly fast and I had to slow her down as she was about to ride past David. Finally, we slowed down to a trot, then to a walk and after a little while we met up with the rest of the group who had taken it easy. Back at the ranch, I dismounted and helped feed Kansas. Such a good girl!

Other animals at Ranxo ses Roques

Of course I didn’t want to leave. But we had to. Lots to do on a blog trip, apparently. Lots to do for mum, not for me, luckily. All I had to do was write about riding. That’s not as fun as riding, of course. But it’s the best thing to write about.

Before we left Ranxo ses Roques, we had a look at the other animals on the ranch. There’s a small farm as well as the stables, with piglets, cattle, donkeys, rabbits, turkeys, peacocks and an enclosure with goat kids that you can pet (and you already know I love goat kids).

But the most gorgeous here is Utrero, an Andalucian stallion. He’s the retired farm stud, and as sure of himself as any horse I’ve ever seen. Utrero is beautiful and he knows it. Just look at him!


  • Ranxo ses Roques is located in Port d’Alcúdia. If you’re staying in a hotel a bit out of the way, they will come and pick you up.
  • My awesome horse ride was organised through No Frills Excursions.
  • Horse riding excursions cost EUR 20 for one hour, or EUR 37 for two hours.

Disclosure: In Majorca, mum and I were guests of Viva Hoteles and No Frills Excursions. As always, we’re totally free to write about anything we want.