13 December 2006

Budapest is icy cold today. And that’s coming from a Viking!

Could have walked practically jacket-less in Oslo this morning, while Budapest at lunchtime was freezing cold. We’re not talking crisp and fresh, but seriously freezing. And I was seriously unprepared. Last time we needed real winter clothes in Southern Norway was 2003.


Keleti Railway station

As if the cold wasn’t enough, the fog over Ferigehy airport was thick as goulash this morning. The pilot had to interrupt the landing because of that soup. In the middle of the approach, he turned back up all of a sudden and we had to circle for ages. When we finally did land, the fog seemed to hang just above ground. Very impressive landing skills.

I like Budapest very much, but today I was glad to get out after a few hours. The weather in Vienna is much better and beautiful Christmas decorations abound, especially around Stephansplatz. Christkindlmarkt all around.

Vienna is the place to be today! Loving it!