I really like the Irish capital. Dublin is one of my favourite cities – it offers much of what London does, but on a smaller, easy-to-handle scale. I’ve been here several times. However, this is the first time I’ve paid attention to the heavy Dublin traffic. Why haven’t I noticed it on previous trips? Because I haven’t been with a small child, that’s why. Walking the streets of Dublin with an active 5-year-old was unexpectedly stressful today.

Other than the Dublin traffic,

there’s been plenty to see and do. We have walked in Temple Bar and along the River Liffey in the rain. We’ve visited Christchurch Cathedral and Dublinia, exploring Medieval and Viking Dublin – always fun for a Norwegian. There’s Viking ships (though nothing like the real ones, of course) and weaponry, Viking clothes and Viking houses, and of course sagas and poems and runes. With all the mythology and mystery, there’s plenty to occupy a little one here.

On a sad side note, the Shelbourne, our fave Dublin tea spot, was closed for renovation – so their gorgeous high tea is for next time.