Wandering through Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s cool warehouse district

Germany’s newest UNESCO World Heritage site is in Hamburg. As you walk along the city's harbour, passing the futuristic architecture in Hafen City on the way, you'll notice a row of Gothic redbrick buildings just across the canal. That's Speicherstadt, the old warehouse district. Speicherstadt [...]

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Onwards to Hamburg (do follow along)

During a train journey through Europe last autumn, I stopped briefly in Hamburg, just long enough to whet the appetite. Luckily for me, I've been invited back to find out more about things to see and cool stuff to do in Hamburg. Five Nordic bloggers, including my good [...]

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Hamburg by Instagram

Many European port cities have changed in later years. Formerly seedy districts have undergone urban renewal, sometimes veritable metamorphoses. Architects have been given seemingly free reign, often with spectacular results, such as in Rotterdam. http://instagram.com/p/tBXnNSvSPZ/ Der Spiegel HQ - Hamburg is Germany's publishing and media [...]

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