Carnival of Cities for 1 June 2011 – from Abu Dhabi to Athens

Welcome! I’m happy to host this edition of the Carnival of Cities. After publishing the 18 May 2011 edition on Perceptive Travel Blog, Sheila Scarborough handed the baton to me.

Without further ado, here’s a virtual tour of some of the world’s wonderful cities. Travel bloggers from around the globe presents:


Cities in the MIDDLE EAST

Keith Kellett presents the futuristic city of Abu Dhabi, posted at Travelrat’s Travels.


Cities in AFRICA

If for some reason, you should need persuading to visit one of the most stunningly situated cities anywhere, CBCreations presents 15 Reasons to Visit Cape Town, posted at Measure of All Things.


Cities in ASIA

My youngest daughter is Chinese, so I have a soft spot for the world’s largest country. Over at A Little Adrift, Shannon presents Beijing’s forbidden city. She even shares a few tips on where, when and how to visit one of the most famous attractions in the Chinese capital.

On Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel, Barbara Weibel presents Three Views of Pokhara, Nepal Capture My Heart. We’re introduced to three fascinating aspects of this Nepali town.

Would you like to see wintry photos and odd graffiti in Tokyo? Jerimi presents the photo essay The City of Tokyo in Pictures, posted at Unserious travel.

Kiran presents a fabulous photo tour of the Groundnut Fair in Bangalore city, posted at Indian Bazaars.

Sash Milne takes a walk between two banyan trees. Blindfolded! Blindfolded at full moon is posted at Barefoot Inked.

I’ve not been in the Philippines. Yet. The country’s oldest city does look very interesting. Over at First-time travels, Claire Algarme presents First time in Cebu, Philippines.


Cities in EUROPE

In far west Wales, facing the Atlantic Ocean, lies the pretty university town of Aberystwyth with its fabulous Victorian promenade. Alexandra Crocodile presents Aber Monday: The Promenade (North Beach), posted at Friends & Crocodiles.

Northern Cyprus is not a destination you hear much about. Gratitude presents the lovely city of Girne in A Week in Cyprus!, posted at Gratitude’s Personal Development Blog.

Athens may be an amazing city, but do watch your belongings. Jason presents Welcome To Athens: Where’s Your Wallet?, posted at Family world travel and volunteering.

Abi King has visited the flowery capital of the Costa Brava. She presents a colourful photo essay, Funky & Fresh: Girona’s Flower Festival in Pictures, posted at Inside the Travel Lab

Germany’s vibrant capital seems to be on everyone’s radar every year. Jennifer Hattam revisits a favourite place and presents Going back to Berlin, posted at The Turkish Life.

No less livelier is Amsterdam, in every sense of the word. At Big City Blog, Jeff Funnekotter presents Queen’s Day in Amsterdam – parties, markets – and fights.


Cities in the AMERICAS

On the other side of the pond, why not cross a bridge? In New York, there are several. Mary T presents Take A Walk on The Brooklyn Bridge, posted at Travel With Teens and Tweens.

Liz Lewis presents Nit Witt Ridge is Cambria’s Hearst Castle, posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying Everyone knows about Hearst Castle at San Simeon, California but few realize that there is another, just as extraordinary, ‘castle’ down the road in Cambria.

Branson seems to be a popular city this week. Two bloggers are keen to share this Missouri city: Jim Barber presents Over 100 Reasons To Visit Branson This Summer, posted at Hamner Barber Theater. Over at Playing in Branson, Tamra Jane Corbin presents The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks?a great place for distinctive dining.

Byteful Travel presents a green, radiant Oregon jewel. 7 Rare Glimpses of Ashland’s Vibrant Lithia Park (The Jewel of Southern Oregon) is posted at Byteful Travel with lots of pretty pictures.

Down in Texas, Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon in Austin is for you if you’re into drinking in the afternoon, live music, and pooping poultry. That’s rignt! Every Sunday afternoon, there’s a Chicken Shit Bingo. Heather presents Poultry Bingo, posted at The Heather Report.

Further south in the Americas, two bloggers entice you to visit the lively and energetic island of Cuba! Photo Editor presents 77 Beautiful Pictures of Cuba, posted at Cool Pictures & Beautiful Pictures. Furthermore, Simi Bhagvandass presents Why you have to go to Havana posted at See Simi Travel Blog.

Costa Rica may be most famous for rain forests and nature activities, but do have a look at the capital as well. Marina Villatoro presents 5 reasons to hang out in San Jose, posted at The Travel Experta.

I’m drawn to Patagonia. It sounds so foreign and remote. Yet, when I see photos, it looks like home. Loads of similarities between the Arctic and the Antarctic. Seems fitting then, that the grand finale goes to the Patagonian city of Valdivia. JenV presents Patagonia River Market, posted at Living in Patagonia.

That wraps up this edition of the Carnival of Cities. Huge thanks to all the participating bloggers.

Did you submit a post and can’t find it here? Chances are your post was excellent, but didn’t follow the guidelines. Another reason might be that it was submitted too late for this carnival. Don’t despair. That just means your post will be part of the next Carnival of Cities instead.

If you’d like to participate in the next carnival of cities, you can use this form. Perhaps you would even like to host an edition on your blog? Sheila Scarborough is carnival chief and you can contact her at Sheila at sheilascarborough dot com.


21 Responses to “Carnival of Cities for 1 June 2011 – from Abu Dhabi to Athens”

  1. Kim 2 June 2011 0330 #

    Thank you for including me in your carnival 🙂

  2. Christy @ Technosyncratic 2 June 2011 0537 #

    This is awesome – so many great posts here! I’ve just opened a gazillion new tabs. 😛

  3. Renee 2 June 2011 1624 #

    I love being introduced to new bloggers because there is always something new and exciting to learn from them. Thanks for hosting this carnival, Sophie….great job!

  4. Great list of posts to get acquainted with. Thanks for sharing this list!

  5. JenV 2 June 2011 2151 #

    Thanks for including me in the carnival!

  6. Andarin 3 June 2011 0255 #

    Good job with the carnival, Anne-Sophie! And thanks for including my article about Lithia Park. Hopefully more people visiting Oregon will make time to see it. It’s probably the most underrated attraction in the state, but I don’t want it to stay that way.

  7. Mark Wiens 3 June 2011 0538 #

    Great Sophie! Found some great articles here!

  8. The Travel Chica 3 June 2011 1635 #

    What a great idea! I have so much reading to do now 🙂

  9. I’m still hoping to visit Patagonia someday soon!

  10. Jozef @ Where Now 3 June 2011 2358 #

    Haha so much info!! This sure to give me some ideas, thanks!

  11. Erich Frammer 4 June 2011 1031 #

    So now I have many interesting articles to read. I’m curious about this chicken bingo in texas 😉

    • Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2011 1722 #

      @Erich – haha, yes, that’s a funny one.

  12. Anne-Sophie Redisch 4 June 2011 1723 #

    Thanks for your comments, everyone 🙂

  13. JenV 4 June 2011 1950 #

    Scott – I definitely recommend visiting Patagonia. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you make it into Patagonia; I’m living a bit off of the beaten path in the area known for beautiful rivers sandwiched between volcanoes, Andean lakes, and the Pacific Ocean.

    JenV recently posted Patagonia River Market

  14. Kerry 4 June 2011 2053 #

    thanks for hosting this, Sophie.

  15. pinaytraveljunkie 6 June 2011 0145 #

    Oh no! Because of this I got an overflowing travel bucket list. Hahaha!

  16. Petter 6 June 2011 1010 #

    So many great cities – Berlin, Athens, … and I love Cuba!

  17. David @ MalaysiaAsia 6 June 2011 2017 #

    Ahhh, missed this one too. Nicely laid out and in future if there’s another one, I will try my best to get included. I focus on Cities around Southeast Asia. 🙂

  18. Andrea 8 June 2011 0238 #

    Wow – great list of bloggers and posts…going to have to get stuck into at least a few of these

  19. Tina Ryan 24 January 2013 0755 #

    Thanks for sharing those articles.. Lots of informative one..


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