Blue Mountains (Day out Sydney)

I love the Blue Mountains. It's the first place I ever saw kangaroos in the wild. And no matter how many Aussies might consider these marsupials a pest, I think they're absolutely beautiful and one of the features that make Australia special. Just a short [...]

Norfolk Coast Path: horizons (Day out London)

This week's #frifotos* theme is horizons. My thoughts immediately go to water - and ships in the distance. But then they wander - my thoughts, that is - to a slightly modified version: the boats along the coast of Norfolk. Norfolk Coast Path is part [...]

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Lighthouse living

Tree houses, ice hotels, 747s, caves and grottos, houses made of cow dung, caravans, sheep sheds, the beach,... I do like quirky sleeps, though it has been a while, meaning I've shoddy or no photos, so I haven't covered many here on Sophie's World. That's [...]

The Lesotho Incident

It's a hot January day and I'm in a minibus, flying across a Lesotho mountain road, wondering whether the holes in the windscreen are caused by bullets...

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