11 things you’ll love in Dresden (Day out Berlin)

Dresden is only two hours away from Berlin by train, but do try to find time to spend at least one night in this beautiful Saxon city. Here are 11 reasons why: 1. Altstadt (Old Town) and Brühlsche Terrasse Until World War II, Dresden was [...]

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4 days exploring World Heritage

If you enjoy visiting sites of outstanding universal value  - UNESCO World Heritage sites, that is - you will know that a few countries dominate the prestigious list by the sheer number of sites. Some would even say that some countries are over-represented, and that the value of [...]

2021-02-12T21:35:25+00:006 January 2016|Germany, UNESCO World Heritage|

Wandering through Speicherstadt, Hamburg’s cool warehouse district

Germany’s newest UNESCO World Heritage site is in Hamburg. As you walk along the city's harbour, passing the futuristic architecture in Hafen City on the way, you'll notice a row of Gothic redbrick buildings just across the canal. That's Speicherstadt, the old warehouse district. Speicherstadt [...]

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Rhine Valley highlights, eats and sleeps

Thinking about visiting the Rhine Valley? There's a long, winding river, delightful villages, cliffs with mythical maidens and more castles than anywhere else in the world. And that's just a few Rhine Valley highlights. You can take a hotel boat, aka river cruise ship, up (or down) [...]

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