11 things you’ll love on the Luther trail

in Worms, Heidelberg, Speyer and Augsburg I’ve been following in Luther’s footsteps once again. He really did get around, that Martin. A couple of years ago, I had a look at what is probably the most famous of Luther spots: Wittenberg, where he nailed his [...]

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World at a Glance: Heidelberg’s Student Prison

From its foundation in 1386 and until World War I, Heidelberg University had jurisdiction over unruly students. Depending on your misdemeanour, you could land a sentence of anything from 24 hours to 4 weeks in the Studentenkarzer (student lock-up). The most common offences? ... loud [...]

In transit, the German edition: GPS-girl

Augsburg, Germany 24 September 2017The GPS-girl and I are developing something of a habit; crucial in every relationship. Here's how it goes when we get off the Autobahn and onto local roads:She leads me astrayI grumble and snarlShe calmly (maybe even icily) tells me to [...]

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Roadtrip through #LutherCountry. Also, A Tramp Abroad.

I am writing this while waiting for a plane at OSL. Seems that’s all I do lately. This particular one will take me to FRA. (Annoyed with people who speak airport code? At least these two are easy.) At FRA, I’ll pick up a hire [...]

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World at a Glance: Tropical Island in a Nazi Hangar (Day out Berlin)

Just 60 km from Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg, is an indoor beach paradise located in one of the world’s largest buildings. On Cat’s school trip to visit concentration camps this summer, we stopped at Tropical Island for a completely different experience. Important to [...]

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24 hours in Leipzig (Day out Berlin)

"Wir sind das Volk!" That was the Leipzig war cry during those world changing weeks in the autumn of 1989: "We are the people!" On 9 October 1989, 70 000 people gathered in Leipzig. This is where it all began, the Peaceful Revolution that ended one month [...]

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