Grandhotel Cosmopolis: a concrete utopia (Day out Munich)

In Augsburg’s old town, Grandhotel Cosmopolis is perhaps the most curious hotel in all of Germany; certainly the most unusual I have seen. This particular Grand hotel, you see, functions not only as a hotel, but also as home for asylum seekers, as artists’ studios, [...]

Qube hotel Heidelberg – a review

On a recent visit in Heidelberg, I stayed at the cool, contemporary Qube Hotel. This award-winning boutique hotel is privately owned and has a particular focus on the environment as well as allergy sufferers. Walls are painted with a special ecofriendly (and allergy-friendly) paint. Natural [...]

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11 things you’ll love on the Luther trail

in Worms, Heidelberg, Speyer and Augsburg I’ve been following in Luther’s footsteps once again. He really did get around, that Martin. A couple of years ago, I had a look at what is probably the most famous of Luther spots: Wittenberg, where he nailed his [...]

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World at a Glance: Heidelberg’s Student Prison

From its foundation in 1386 and until World War I, Heidelberg University had jurisdiction over unruly students. Depending on your misdemeanour, you could land a sentence of anything from 24 hours to 4 weeks in the Studentenkarzer (student lock-up). The most common offences? ... loud [...]

In transit, the German edition: GPS-girl

Augsburg, Germany 24 September 2017The GPS-girl and I are developing something of a habit; crucial in every relationship. Here's how it goes when we get off the Autobahn and onto local roads:She leads me astrayI grumble and snarlShe calmly (maybe even icily) tells me to [...]

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